Part 1: There are so many lessons and I ‘m still learning!

My ex (left) and I (right) on NYC’s MTA

I knew of heartbreak long before I met him. Before him, I dated a lot of losers. Guys that didn’t give a shit about me because let’s face it, I didn’t give a shit about myself. Those guys…

I started a Podcast called Where You At w/ Mackenzie. Continue to read what my Podcast is about and what “Where You At” means to me.

Unofficial Logo of the Podcast

When I was 23 years old and still fresh out of college, I quit my job after four months. Yes, I quit my salary…

Because let’s be honest, I have no fucking idea what my “brand” is.

From Pexels

When we were little, we all fought so hard to stick to the “status quo”, to be like everyone else, and to blend in. As adults, however, we fight so hard to be different and to stand…

This time, I’m not sure how to handle it.

Picture from Instagram @ thegoodquote

I understand by now that in order to achieve growth and reach your dreams of conquering the world, we must breakup with our comfort zones. I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone many, many times before. However, I still hate doing…

The podcast, Death, Sex, and Money “Life in our 20s”, is offering some free advice for that twenty something year-old who is emotionally exhausted.

From Pexels

Last week, I spiraled and wrote about the anxieties that being twenty something brings. This week, I haven’t spiraled…yet, but I wanted to share with you…

Experts argue that our twenties is actually the most defining decade of adulthood.

My twenties have just been one BIG QUESTION mark- picture by Pexels

I find myself driving on the freeway, my car’s top is down, the wind in my face and I have my favorite songs playing on the bluetooth speaker. But as I’m driving freely, I start to realize…

A short story of one of my many insecurities….

Picture collage of me- made by Canva

I don’t remember the defining moment when I was growing up that made me feel like I was an ugly person. I’ve been trying to rack my brain for it because in therapy, my therapist sometimes does this exercise where she…

Why do we all secretly care what others really think of us?

photo from Pexels

I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance and more or less I agreed with her on what we were talking about. We were having a discussion about guys and them liking her. She said “It’s weird to…

25 years later and I still haven’t found my passion. How can I still live a fulfilling life?

Picture from Pexels

Elizabeth Gilbert, an American journalist and author is best known for her 2006 memoir, Eat, Pray, Love. She is also known, like all successful people, to preach about following your dreams. It’s…

I still struggle everyday don’t get me wrong, but I learned something new from being in a pandemic.

Picture from Pexels

As the world forced us, forced me, to slow down I knew my fate with my depression and anxiety would have to come to face. By shutting down the city, it got…

Mackenzie Elizabeth

25 & resides in NYC. The Host of my own Podcast, Where You w/ Mackenzie. I write mostly about my life experiences on relationships, mental health, and my 20s

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